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This is my mechanism for summarizing my genealogical work in a way that makes it readily available to others.

I started my research in the early 1970s, when I was able to visit the National Archives in Washington, D.C. While there I located a record of a ship's manifest that showed the arrival in the USA of the Rombs family headed by my great grandparents, Johannes and Barbara (Kessler) Rombs. My father and I worked on this part of my family tree sporadically for some time. Since then I have focused on expanding my family history, and I have extended my research to include my maternal side as well as my wife's ancestry.

The focus here is on understanding great grandparents and their ancestors so I have avoided privacy issues for those relatives that are still living. Consequently, these pages concentrate on tracing the ancestors of 8 pairs of great grandparents - 4 for my wife and 4 for me. My wife's great grandparents settled near San Antonio, TX, and my great grandparents settled in north central South Dakota. One group was clustered near the southern range of US Route 281 and the other group was near the northern end. My wife and I provide the unlikely connection between those two groups. That is the reason that I chose "281connections" as the name for this wiki.

One deviation from the focus on great grandparents and their immediate families and ancestors is a memorials section, whose purpose is to provide limited information about much more recent predecessors with South Dakota origins.

Sharing some of the lessons that I have learned about genealogy is an important goal for me. I do this largely through community education classes and a local group of people that meets periodically to share genealogical experiences. See the education section of this site for information about this. Contact and revision history details are on the information page.


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