Long-Gill Family

Records indicate that John Patrick Long Sr. and Mary Gill were married in St. Johns County, Florida, in 1882. (St. Augustine?) According to various records, John was born in either NY, PA, or MD to parents of Irish descent, but the note described below indicates that he emigrated from the area of Liverpool, England. I have recently found military and other evidence that indicates that he may well have lived in Philadelphia very early in his life. His actual birth location is technically still not known with certainty, even though I strongly suspect that he was born in PA to Irish immigrant parents. Mary was born in Ireland (Oughterard, County Galway) and immigrated in about 1872. The story is that she came with another family for whom she was acting as a nanny.

By 1900, John and Mary were in San Antonio, Texas. By the birth dates and birth locations of their children, it looks as if they came to Texas within a year of 1884. In total they had 7 children, one who died in infancy.

The most detailed information that we have about John and Mary comes from a note created by a grandson of theirs to one of his grandsons. Part of it is shown below. ( Note that census and birth records mention St Augustine, St. Johns Co., FL, not Tallahassee as the location for the family in FL.) If you care to read more about them and their family, I have created a pdf that summarizes the information that I have found thus far.

I am hoping that there is much additional information waiting to be discovered about the ancestors of John and Mary. What little supporting information that I have includes a family group sheet, an ahnentafel report for each great grandparent, and a fan chart showing the pedigree for one of their children. The information about Mary's parents represents best guesses at this point. Right now the best guess is that her parents were John Gill and Mary O'Meally or Meally or Omelia or . . . .)

The following period maps illustrate a possible paths from Galway and Liverpool to NY and then to Texas. The picture that follows the maps shows the Long/Gill family in San Antonio, TX, maybe taken some time around 1900-1905. Enjoy the expressions, the cane, the bowls, the duck, etc.!

Don't you wish that you could sit down and talk with these folks?

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