Bates-Moodie Family

Charles Bates married Agnes Moodie in south central Wisconsin in 1886 under less than ideal circumstances. Agnes was about 15 years old and pregnant. Her brother, William, was quite unhappy about this and had Charles hauled into court shortly before Agnes and Charles were married. So, I guess that you could say that this was a shotgun wedding between a 15 year old girl and a 28 year old man.

Agnes had recently arrived from her home in Scotland with her sister, Elizabeth. Their brother, William, had moved to Wisconsin in advance of their travel. Charles had lived with his parents Jerome and Satina (Bates) Tupper in Elkhorn, WI. His birth name was Clarence Tupper. I believe that he changed his name as a consequence of the trouble that he was in with Agnes. (DNA evidence backs up this assertion.)

After establishing their family in southern Wisconsin, Charles died and Agnes and some of the family moved to South Dakota (after marrying Charles Randall). You can find family group information for Agnes and Charles here. Ahnentafel reports are here. A fan chart centered on one of their children is here. And you can find a traditional pedigree chart centered on one of their children here. A general document that includes some source description is here.

Researching this family and their ancestors has been a very wide-ranging experience. Bates/Tupper line ancestors were in northern Illinois and can be traced to NY and eastern PA. Scottish records show the Moodie ancestors in the Scottish Borders area in the 18th and 19th centuries. The maps that follow show roughly the areas of interest in the second half of the 19th century, before most of the Bates/Moodie family moved to South Dakota.

Based on a visit to southern Wisconsin in 2018, I have written a short report on aspects of the area that were important to the Bates-Moodie family, their ancestors and descendants. The report includes some pictures that you might find interesting. I have also created a document that describes what I have found about Agnes' father, James Moodie. It reveals that James was actually married twice. Agnes and Elizabeth are children of the second marriage (to Jemima Nicol). One of the grandchildren of James's first marriage (to Margaret Falconer) came to the USA (Idaho) about twenty years later than Agnes. I have also discovered, through DNA matching, descendants of this first marriage that now live in New Zealand.

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