Kosub-Kokott Family

Anna (Kokott) and Thomas Kosub c.1914

Evidence provided on the web by other researchers indicates that Thomas Kosub was born in a Village/Estate known as Radun in Upper Silesia in 1840. This area was part of Prussia at the time, so many US records show him as German. In fact he was Silesian in terms of ethnicity. The Meyers Gazetteer describes the place as it was sometime after 1871 and before about 1918 - https://www.meyersgaz.org/place/20538077 .

A document presented by "herrkroll" on ancestry.com records the birth/baptism of Thomas in 1840. It clearly shows his father as Franz Kozub and his mother as Maria Scholtysik and that he was baptized in Radun.

Sponsors were Anton Kozub from Swibie (Shwieben in German), Franeka Frania from Radun, and Benusia Spalek (also from Radun?).

Thomas immigrated to Texas in 1855. I have not found other records of him between then and when he enlisted in Ragsdale's Brigade (Confederate Army - Cavalry) in 1862. His compiled service record shows that he spent some time at Sabine Pass. I don't believe that this brigade was involved in any battles, and I have not found anything to support or refute the story that he provided dental services while enlisted. Here is a picture of his enlistment record.

Thomas married Maria Krawiec in 1865 . Their family consisted of 10 children born between 1866 and 1885, the year of Maria's death.

Thomas and Anna Kokott were married later in 1885, and they had 8 children born between 1887 and 1904. Their family is shown below in a photo from about 1914.

A legend follows:

I have not found much information about Anna. She was probably born in what is now Poland in late 1862 to Frank and Agnes (Jonietz) Kokott. Based on the 1930 Federal census, she did not immigrate until 1884, so she was new to Texas when she married Thomas.

A recent hint about Anna comes from dna matching at familytreedna.com. There is a match to a person now in Germany. The associated family tree shows the Frank and Agnes (Jonietz) Kokott family from Sczedrzik (near present day Opole). It does not show Anna, but it does show two daughters (Martha and Julianna). A reasonable theory to be tested is that this is the family of Anna, and that she emigrated without her parents and these two sisters to TX. Perhaps she immigrated to the US with her other sister Maria, who married Andreas Strzelczyk in St. Hedwig in 1883.

In 1964 there was a medallion placed on Thomas' house. Here are two pages of the presentation given at that time by a Wilson County Historical Survey representative. (I have a copy of this document and will share it if you contact me.)

. . .

Supporting information provided here for Thomas' second family includes a family group sheet, an ahnentafel report for each great grandparent, and a fan chart showing the pedigree for one of their children.

Following are maps showing the area in Europe from which Thomas and Anna originated. Yellow lines show cities that correspond between the new and old maps. Red markers in the Meyers maps show the likely home towns of Anna (Sczedrzik) and Thomas (Radun).

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