The purpose of this series of pages is to offer some remembrances of relatives, who have lived more recently than the great grandparents that are the focus of the site. Because the people mentioned here have lived more recently, some of the memories are fresher and possibly more sentimental than the information inferred about relatives that were not personally known. It is also not my objective to refer to source information to justify any statements in this section.

So, here goes for memories of some of the children and grand children of my great grandparents. -

Link to children. Memorials for only a few of the children have been created. If you would like to contribute a memorial, please send it to me. The full list of children includes twenty-seven possibilities . . .
Anna, Tena, Mathilda, and Oscar Thompson and
Lulu, Johann, Andreas, Caroline, Nicholas, Peter, Elizabeth, Joseph, and Kathryn Rombs and
Harry, May, Frank, John, Elizabeth, Susan, and Grace Bates and
Ruth, Guy, Marian, Arlo, Ralph, Howard, and William Loy.

Link to grandchildren. Once again, only a few of the many possible memorials have been created. The full list would include people with the following surnames: Scoular, Loy , Bates, Lund, House, Austin, Rombs, Thornburg/Cranage, Vinton, Rhombs, and Thompson. That would be over fifty people by my count. In many cases, I know nothing more than statistics of birth, marriage, and death for these individuals, so if you would like to contribute stories/memorials, please contact me.

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