Snyder Family Research

Only one concrete bit of evidence exists for the parents of Susannah Snyder, my 2nd great grandmother. That evidence consists of the 1850 Federal Census for Marion Co., OH. See https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:MXQL-MV2 . It shows her parents (John and Catherine), two sisters (Elizabeth and Martha), and a brother (George) as follows.

Tracing John and Catherine back to PA has proved to be very difficult, but I have made some headway by using DNA matching technology and by investigating two other families with similar characteristics who lived nearby in 1850. The other two families appear on the same page of the 1850 census. They are the families of William Selanders and Simon Culp. Accompanying documents summarize my investigations into Culp and Selanders families in OH, PA, and elsewhere.

These investigations lead me to suspect that Susannah's mother's maiden name was likely Catherine Culp. She was likely a sister to Simon Culp and his two brothers, Andrew and Samuel. Research into PA records shows a close association between Culp and Selanders families in Cumberland Co., PA. Unfortunately, my investigations have not yielded the same kind of evidence that would demonstrate how Snyder people relate to the Culp and Selanders families. You can find the details of my research into Snyder families in OH and PA in this document. A short description and proposal related to the identity of Catherine Culp Snyder is here.

The experience of doing this research has resulted in a presentation on the DNA matching techniques used as well as the "oblique" traditional research. See the Education section of this web site.

Until a well-defined solution is found, I have the following proposed solution involving the family of Phillip and Barbara Snyder, who lived near New Kingstown in Cumberland Co., PA. ->

"The elder Phillip Snyder in the east settled near New Kingstown. His wife’s name was Barbara. They may be connected somehow with the western Phillip and George Snyder clan. The western clan may have had an association with a Simon Culp who could be the father of Simon Culp (b.~1801).

The eastern elder Phillip had a family whose members were baptized in the Lutheran church in New Kingstown, near where the family had various tracts of land. The first son was also named Phillip, and his son Johann Jacob born in 1804 could be the person who appears as John Snyder in the 1850 OH census.

Nearby to the Snyder family (within 5-10 miles) can be found families associated with Valentine Selanders. And a younger Simon Culp is clearly associated with these families. Perhaps a sister of Simon’s named Catherine married John Snyder. Many of these families can be found in OH in 1850. There may be an association with Mennonite or Church of the Brethren Churches. "

The proposed migration route from Cumberland Co., PA, to Marion Co., OH, involves use of the National Road in about 1833. Black arrows in the figure that follows show points of entrance to and exit from the National Road.

Some day, perhaps we will know if this conjecture is close to the truth or not.

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